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Lapis Lazuli Ring Size 7

Lapis Lazuli Ring Size 7

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Uncover the timeless allure of our 7mm Round Lapis Lazuli Sterling Silver Ring. This exquisite creation effortlessly blends the deep, celestial blue of lapis lazuli with the enduring charm of sterling silver, fashioning a captivating accessory for any occasion.

Lapis Lazuli

Admire the captivating deep blue shades of Lapis Lazuli, reminiscent of the night sky, as it sparkles with the golden glints of pyrite, adding a touch of mystique to your style. Each lapis lazuli stone is unique, showcasing distinct patterns and variations, making your ring as exceptional as you are.

  • 925 sterling silver 
  • 2.59mm round wire band
  • 7x7mm round Lapis Lazuli stone
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