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Labradorite Ring

Labradorite Ring

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Discover the beauty of our 6x8mm Oval Labradorite Sterling Silver Ring. This exquisite piece blends the allure of labradorite with timeless sterling silver, creating a captivating accessory for any occasion. It is eye-catching as a stand-alone piece or can be stacked with any of our various rings.


Labradorite is a unique gemstone known for its stunning play of colors. It typically appears as a grayish stone, but when light hits its surface, it exhibits flashes of vibrant colors, including shades of blue, green, and gold. *stone color can vary*

  • 925 sterling silver 
  • 2.59mm round wire band
  • 6X8mm oval Labradorite gemstone
Production Time

Our typical production timeframe spans 1-2 weeks, and this is followed by shipping time. Once your handcrafted order has been meticulously crafted and sent out, you can anticipate a delivery window of 2-5 business days for it to reach your doorstep.

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